Who We Are - Our Story

In 2001, a group of farmers from the Forest of Bowland formed a company to develop their own unique brand of milk with the aim of providing delicious, fresh local milk from farms to the customer.

And so, Bowland Fresh was formed – the freshest, tastiest milk from the heart of rural Lancashire.

Our cows are pasture grazed on the luscious Bowland pastures. Their welfare is a priority and the result is happy, healthy cows.

 We believe happy, healthy cows produce fresh delicious milk – which is why Bowland Fresh is the tastiest, freshest milk from the heart of rural Lancashire.

Too often, milk is collected from many miles away before processing – even being imported from the continent – adding to the “Food Miles” travelled and making it hard to trace where it comes from. The Bowland farmers felt that consumers today want to know where their milk is produced and would like to feel that it hadn’t contributed to climate change by travelling many miles from the dairy to their tables.

Bowland Fresh milk is collected from specially selected farms every day in its own tanker for bottling at a dedicated local centre.

The hardworking local family farms supply local customers and local Lancashire cheesemakers with their high quality, less travelled product. The development of Bowland Fresh has helped secure the future of many family farms in the area, as well as helping to protect the beautiful Bowland landscape for future generations to enjoy.

Why Bowland Fresh is Best

Encompassing an area of 312 square miles the Forest of Bowland is a recognised area of outstanding beauty which means that it is protected by the government for future generations.

Bowland takes its name from ‘Bous Land’ which means the ‘land of cattle’ – and for more than 1400 years the green lush pastures have been home to the finest dairy herds which is why Bowland Fresh is the freshest tastiest milk from the heart of rural Lancashire.